I have been playing Dean Markley strings since I have been playing the guitar (12 years old). I am now an endorsing artist of their strings. This makes me happy because I truly believe the make the highest quality strings on the market. The also offer one of the widest varieties.

I have been playing a couple different Dean Markley string models in the last few years. I like .13-.56 Nickel-Steel when I want round-wound strings. I also play .13-.56 Flatwounds a lot. I basically switch between the two on Grendel, my 1977 Ibanez Artist. Dean Markley is no longer making flatwounds, but I am doing my best to convince them to bring them back.

On my baritone Tele I play a custom recipe I cooked up myself. I liked the Blue Steel Light-Top Heavy-Bottom; but found I wanted more pop in the upper three strings. So I like Blue Steel in the following gauges: .62, .46, .36, .26-(unwound/plain), .16, .13

Here is a quote that Dean Markley requested from me for use in promo material: "I play Dean Markley strings because they have been the highest quality, best sounding strings available since I began playing guitar in my pre-teens. They continue to amaze me with their consistent and vibrant sound. Dean Markley strings are a huge part of my sound because I am always confident they will respond on-stage and in the studio exactly the way they have in the practice room for nearly twenty years."