1977 Ibanez Artist - her name is Grendel

1977 Ibanez 2471 archtop - basically an L5 clone

1993 Fender Telecaster Baritone - she has an unfinished baritone Warmouth neck. It's awesome. It feels like a strung-up Louisville Slugger with a cutting board attached.

A homespun Telecaster I built with Warmouth body and neck. It's like a Thinline Tele with two humbucker pickups. We also used my wife's family's cattle brand to brand the back of the body.

2005 Ibanez nylon-string acoustic/electric that I converted into a fretless guitar.

2018 - Godin Grand Concert Encore 7-string.

Epiphone EC-22 classical guitar.

2012 - Hora Irish bouzouki - I was dying to get one of these since I first found out about them at an Irish session in Doolin, Ireland. It's pretty fun!

2013 - Fender Bass VI - like a Fender Jazzmaster guitar, but an octave down.