Ryan Meagher (pronounced Marr)
Fresh Sound New Talent Records

Atroefy is the debut release of young, New York City-based guitarist and composer, Ryan Meagher (pronounced Marr). In a phrase Atroefy is modern jazz for the indie rocker. It is an album of all original music full of guitar-driven compositions, elaborate, yet singable melodies, unpredictable forms and meters, and well-placed improvisation (both by the individuals and by the group collectively). The group is comprised of some of New York City’s most sought-after young jazz talent. Many of which have records on Fresh Sound New Talent as leaders. For example: Alto saxophonist, Loren Stillman (Gin Bon, It Could Be Anything); woodwind specialist, Matt Renzi (Matt Renzi And Jimmy Weinstein Quartet, Lines & Ballads, Dream Life, The Cave). The rhythm section is comprised of Ryan Meagher on guitar, Geoff Kraly on electric bass, and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums (Peak Inn, Barcelona Holiday).

Meagher’s songs feature grooves one might hear from a Soundgarden record (such as the tune “Can’t Complane" or “Re: Creation") while the reeds play floating lines that invoke a cross between Ornette Coleman and Paul Motian melodies. Loren Stillman, who is accustomed to making extremely difficult compositions sound effortless and free, sounds like an angry tiger locked up in a cage. He sounds intent on breaking free or scaring anyone who dares near the bars. At the same time, Matt Renzi’s warm sound and thoughtful approach play Yin to Stillman’s Yang. All the while, Geoff Kraly and Vinnie Sperrazza lay down impeccable time and remain very perceptive of the group’s energy.

Atroefy is formatted as an album, with a beginning, middle, and end. Not just a compilation of random songs. It feels like it doesn’t care what others think of it, but sounds like an immense amount of effort and thought have been poured into it.

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